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Each Detour Guide brings their unique perspective as a dancer, teacher or designer to these hour-long tours one Sunday every month. In collaboration with the Triennale di Milano, Het Nieuwe Instituut expands its Detours to include local Milanese makers trained by the Dutch team. Want to learn more about what being a Detour Guide entails? Please visit our Education webpage.

Jessica Murano

Jessica Murano has a PhD in medical humanities and a background in art history. She is the founder of the Emotions & History research group based at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Her research area focuses on emotions, the political implication of visual devices and visualisation in scientific practices, and the role of perception in shaping identities.

Matilde Stolfa

Matilde Stolfa was born in Ravenna in 1996 and is currently based between Italy and the Netherlands. As a designer and artist, her practice explores the relationship between physical and emotional spaces, combining personal stories, tradition and material research. She is currently exploring the agency of wetlands within the contemporary context of extractive culture, societal and environmental crisis.

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