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UABB, Shenzhen



About Shenzhen's 2022 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture

With the theme of “Urban Cosmologies,” the 9th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) focuses on the sustainable, green and ecological development of cities for the "dual carbon" goal, and looks into the urban strategies that respond to the global climate change. Cities, as the main habitat of human beings, are also the main site for achieving the “dual carbon” goal, meaning carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Influenced by environmental, climate, and ecological changes, cities are evolving to offer various possibilities. The development and application of new technologies will contribute to shaping a new vision that is more ecologically green, safe, resilient, sustainable, and better integrated with nature for future.


About Zoöp

Have we met? builds on the Zoöp organisation model collaboratively developed at Het Nieuwe Instituut, who is practicing this model since 22 April 2022. A Zoöp commits to making the interests of non-human life part of its organisational decisionmaking, with a Speaker for the Living representing the voices and interests of non-human life to help create a more ecologically regenerative organisation. A Zoöp follows an annual cycle of learning to become a symbiotic body in the ecosystems in which it participates.

Have we met? humans and hon-humans on common ground was made possible thanks to the generous support of: